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About Us

Grandview Satellite has been established since 1996 with the intention to have the lead in providing the people of Arizona with satellite technology. We are a private company; owned by Anthony Witulski. Our impact on international television has made us well known all over Arizona. Our primary focus is specifically on foriegn TV programming, with major contracts with Globecast WorldTV and Russian Media Group we are the top dealers in Arizona. Our experience in the satellite industry for the past 30 years makes us the best you can get and we also have extensive knowledge with other electronics such as HD & Local Digital TV, Flat Panel Displays(LED/LCD), Projectors, Home Theater & Audio and alernative energy.

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Our Mission

Grandview Satellite has a simple goal and that is to become Arizona's No. 1 satellite provider/dealer. It is our passion to satisfy the demand of our customers and to successfully achieve it. Our services and prices are unbeatable to the leading competition, making us the best in the business.